The Forge Trust is a primary school led, multi-academy trust which was founded in September 2016

Aims & Ethos

About Us
All Principals in the trust share expertise and resources.
We have a collegiate approach to ensure all schools in the trust get to outstanding.
Mr L Hessey


An introduction

The Forge Trust is a primary school led, multi-academy trust which was founded in September 2016 on the success of The Sir Donald Bailey Academy in Newark, Nottinghamshire.

There is a clear vision to provide the very best education for every pupil in our schools ensuring the quality of teaching is excellent and that the environment for learning encourages all pupils to find their talent and succeed. We believe strongly in our mission to change the lives of these children and have the ambition to be the most successful multi academy trust in the country!

The Trust specialises in working in communities which face disadvantage and challenge, and prides itself on having a transformational agenda to significantly impact on the life chances of children in the communities served by Forge schools. The CEO, Lee Hessey, is a National Leader in Education and describes the Trust as, primary specialists providing the best for children in deprived areas (tackling ‘underachievement ’). His school The Sir Donald Bailey Academy is a National Support School.

All schools within the Trust have access to professional expertise and shared CPD. Our regular Principals’ Forum ensures a collegiate approach to school improvement across the Trust and an efficient self-improving system. 

Across the Trust there is a strong emphasis on research based improvements with leading teachers carrying out research in partnership with Bishop Grosseteste University. 

Continuous development for teachers is promoted and supported with many staff completing leadership programmes, as well as Master’s Degrees. Following the lead of The Sir Donald Bailey Academy, schools across the Trust seek to identify and grow their own talent – growing capacity for future improvement. To realise the vision for the children of Forge schools that,  “Every child makes good progress in core subjects; all teachers are committed to personal improvement and fulfil their responsibilities; all children receive a broad and balanced curriculum; all academies strive to be outstanding.